Archives: Running that works your arms…

  • When: 20180213
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Space Monkey, Buoy, Triple Option, Screen Door
  • The gloom was greeted by 5 PAX at #DuckDuckGoose for another beatdown brought to you by This Day in History.  February 13th of 1861 saw the first action to later be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Colonel Bernard J.D. Irwin led a small group of men more than 100 miles to rescue a group of 60 soldiers under siege by Apache warriors in southeastern Arizona.  The Congressional Medal of Honor was not actually created until the following year in 1862, and Irwin was not granted the award until 1894, but his actions in 1861 were the earliest to be recognized with the Medal.

    Warmarama: 25x SSH, 15x IW, 15x Through the tunnel, 15x Hillbillies, 40x Shoulder circles (forward and backward plus chinook in each direction)

    The Thang: Mosey to the path around the lake to perform 18x merkins and 61x LBCs in honor of Irwin’s 1861 heroism.  This was followed by the PAX showing their own bravery and serving of their brothers by conducting a lap around the lake with a twist:  partner carry, swapping when necessary.  YHC and Triple Option discussed how, surprisingly, the muscle group worked most by the partner carry was the arms.  Then it was to the picnic tables for a set of 11s of dips/derkins.  YHC’s personal favorite MOH winner was Admiral Eugene Fluckey, a WWII submarine captain who earned the MOH for damaging nearly 30 ships in a single attack with 8 torpedos in 1945.  This happened on the eleventh (hence the 11s) war patrol of his submarine USS BARB.  With the war patrol (11s) complete the PAX returned to the pier (dock) victorious to commemorate the BARB with 20x each of Burpees, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Rosalitas, and Big Boy Situps.  This was followed by 19x merkins and 45x LBCs.  Back at the picnic tables, we performed 35x step ups (sorry fellas, only one short of that sixth flight for Quad P, so you only get credit for 5) and 17x copperhead squats in honor of the 3517 Congressional Medals of Honor awarded to date.  One last set for HONOR included 15x each of Hand release merkins, Overhead claps, Noodling (irkins on a picnic table while reaching one arm under the table as if noodling for catfish), Overhead claps, and more Rosalitas.  It was during this portion that the PAX received a lesson from our fearless leader Dreamliner on the proper noodling technique, to include finger placement with respect to the size of fish.

    Mary: 15x crunchy frogs, 15x American hammers, 15x Freddie Mercuries, 15x Leg lifts, 15x flutter kicks

    COT: Although we may not ever do anything that would merit the Congressional Medal of Honor, shouldn’t we still live such that we try to earn a medal of honor from our spouses, children, friends, and coworkers?  We should every day strive to be honorable in the way in which we conduct ourselves, and we should push to go above and beyond merely what is necessary for the people we care about.

    Prayers and out.

    F3 Hampton Roads