Archives: Shark Week!

  • When: 20170725
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: SubMac, Deflator, Triple Option, SpaceMonkey, Screen Door
  • Five PAX members converged in the gloom with Lady Glittersparkles to celebrate the induction of yet another member to the F3HR Hall of Fame as Deflator reached his 50th post!  As noted by Deflator, 4 of the now 6 Hall of Fame members were present, but Dreamliner and Priorities allowed little things like Q-ing another AO and living 3000 miles away stop them.  Maybe next time.  Anyway, this is how things went:

    WARMARAMA:  YHC was running behind, so SubMac got the warmarama started for me.  I came in hot during Don Quixotes and then I took us out for a mosey around the lake.

    The THANG:  For the style of our “running with style” around the lake, once we got to Bear Crawl Bridge, we instead, to commemorate Shark Week, did Seal Crawls across the bridge.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Seal Crawl, that is similar to a bear crawl except that you drag your legs and feet limply behind you like the flippers of a seal.  This is next to impossible going up the inclined side of the bridge.  After a brave attempt the PAX returned to the flags to continue with the regularly scheduled events.

    Continuing with the Shark Week theme, it was time to do S.H.A.R.K.s (Squats, Hand-Release Merkins, American Hammers, Rosalitas, and a Karaoke dash to one of the swing gazebos and back)  These exercises (with the exception of the Karaoke dash which was once each round) were performed in sets of 20x, 15x, 10x, and 5x for a total of 50 repetitions of each exercise (one for each post required to enter the Hall of Fame).  Also, these exercises were performed with LG in hand.  This was not usually a problem, but there were some balance issues with American Hammers, and hand-release merkins were less than comfortable.  To break up the monotony, she was placed gently on the ground several times to allow the PAX an opportunity to perform the requisite burpees.  Once all of the SHARK sets were complete, the seals got one more chance to cross the bridge after a lap around the lake, then it was back to the flags for a whopping 12 minutes of Mary, during which ABCs (always a crowd pleaser) made their second HR appearance.

    COT:  This was just a rehash of YHCs COT from earlier in the week at #SlothHill in which I discussed some of my travels and experiences while on a two-week downrange adventure.  F3Nation is one nation, and no matter what AO or region you post to, you are welcomed with open arms.  My challenge to the PAX was to strive to do the same any time others join us in Hampton Roads while they are DR.

    F3 Hampton Roads