Archives: Slaughter Starter (Enough said)

  • When: 20170809
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Doomsday, Screen Door, SubMac, Dreamliner
  • After having so much fun yesterday in the rain, YHC was subtly hoping for another down pour. It would not be. We plodded around in the puddles and mumble chattered about the memories of yesterday. Here is how it went down.
    The Thang:
    30 second call from Screen Door from the car.
    Warm-a-rama: Slaughter starter of 20 burpees OYO (needed to change things up from side straddle hops), Don Quixotes x15 (In Cadence), shoulder circles x15 each way (IC), merkin countdown (9 wide grip, 8 regular, 7 diamond, 6 wide grip, … , 1 diamond). Now that we were properly warmed up, we moseyed to the practice field.
    Bear Crawl/Merkin Field Cross (Similar format to Del Brown): Beginning at one end zone and ending at the other, bear crawl 25 yards, 15 hand remove merkins,  bear crawl 25 yards, 15 diamond merkins, bear crawl 25 yards, 15 Chuck Norris merkins (on your knuckles), bear crawl last 25 yards, 15 wide grip merkins. Upon completion, pick up the six and retrieve water bottles from start line. When running back to the first end zone, SubMac made the comment (paraphrased), “Did not realize we went that far.”  Aye!
    Mosey to pull-up bars. As mentioned in previous backblast, biceps will now be a part of every one of YHC’s Qs.
    AMRAP (3 minutes): Pull-ups x5, squats x5, chip-ups x5, squats x5, repeatdo. Audible to x3 at two minute mark.
    At softball field #2 (this was first use by the PAX of this part of the AO), Carolina Dry Dock (CDD) ladder. Begin at home, sprint to first, complete 1 CDD, karaoke to second, 2 CDDs, “take” third (imagine taking three shuffles to the right when pitcher begins his move to the plate then sprinting to third after the pitch short hops the catcher and bounces to the back stop), 3 CDDs, Bernie Sanders (backwards sprint) to home, 4 CDDs. Repeatdo with 5 CDDs at first, 6 at second, … , until time is called (approximately 10 minutes).
    We have found SubMac’s exercise. He was absolutely crushing everyone and completed four full laps and made it to first base on lap 5.
    After asking for demonstration of Karokee, the PAX tried to get Doomsday to sing all the way from first to second. YHC has no doubt that would have brightened everyone’s day.
    At softball fence, pole smoker caterpillar from one foul pole all the way to the other. Each PAX grabs a pole and holds 6 inches (YHC realized how this might be taken upon proof reading the backblast, thought about removing it but left it for the enjoyment of the PAX @HeardAtF3). PAX #1 completes 5 pole smokers (leg lift while holding pole behind head). Once complete, run past remaining PAX to next available pole and PAX #2 begins his 5 pole smokers (hence “caterpillar”).
    Mosey back to the flags. Demonstration of “Fire Drill” for next rainy day (Upon calling “fire” drop down on stomach, one full roll to the right, one merkin, one full roll to the left, one merkin, back up to quick feet. Repeatdo until all PAX have called “fire”) – Thanks Swirly.

    Mary: 1 minute and 15 seconds of big boy sit-ups (approximately 50 completed).
    Circle of Trust (COT):
    Screen Door provided intro to upcoming 3rdF, “How our jobs fit into God’s plan” with a focus on Gen. 3:17-19.
    Prayer requests.
    Ball of Man (BOM).
    Naked Man Moleskin (NMM):
    3rdF Bible study continues post-BearCountry at JoJack’s from 0630-0700. This will move to post-QuackQuackHonk on Thursdays at Dunkin’ Donuts in Carrolton sometime in the fall.

    F3 Hampton Roads inducts 7th member (Scully) into the HOF (req’d 50 posts) this Sat. at #StankHill. Don’t miss.