Archives: Solo-nely

  • When: 20171115
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator
  • Deflator rode solo at Bear Country.  Here was the deal, looked similar to my Tuesday Q at DuckDuckGoose


    Warm-o-rama: 15 Windmills, 20 Forward Arm Circles followed by 20 Backwards Arm Circles, 41 SS Hops, 16 Burpees OYO (the latter two exercises were in celebration of the Patriots beating the Broncos 41-16 this week.)

    Mosey with Style to the pull-up bars and then completed 10 Burp-ups

    Solo Dora: Exercise combination is as follows: 50 Dips-Dip-Holds; 100 Merkin-Elbow Planks; 200 LBCs-6 Inches; 300 Squats-Wall Sits.  Since YHC was a party of one, I just did my half. In between each exercise combo, lap around the track

    Bear crawl on football field, spelling out F3.  Thought my GPS watch would pick it up but it didn’t.  Need bigger letters next time

    mosey back to nonexistent flags then paint the parking lot until time expired

    Count and Name-o-rama quickly and effectively performed


    NMM –

    Missed my brothers. Let’s get our numbers back up, men.

    F3 Hampton Roads