Archives: Speed Bumps

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  • QIC: Funny car
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities
  • 3 grizzly bears at #BearCountry this morning. A little misty but pleasant temps. Dreamliner and Priorities had visited QuackQuackHonk yesterday morning and said something about being a little sore. Plan was to be a lot sore in about 45 minutes. Walkon was thinking about us across the pond in London.

    Warmarama: In cadence: 25 squats, 20 imperial walkers, 25 side straddle hops, 15 merkins

    The Thang: This was Funny car’s first Q. First time he arrived in a vehicle and not his bike (funny car). Original plan was to mosey on over to the football field at BearCountry but due to very wet field conditions we did our thang in the parking lot.

    Funny car is planning to run his second full marathon in November (not bad for a 54 year-old – respect) and he needs to start doing some speed and cardio work. The action took place between two speed bumps probably 50 yards apart. The workout included fast runs from speed bump to speed bump but Dreamliner made em sprints. After each run the pax did one exercise with ten reps then ran to the other speed bump and repeated the process. Exercises included merkins, big boy sit-ups, side straddle hop, burpees, bobby hurley’s (go Tar Heels), mountain climbers, LBCs, plank jacks, burpees. We were having so much fun we had 9 more runs rotating amongst the pax to select the exercise. The last run was a race to run as fast as you can. Dreamliner edged out Priorities at the speed bump after waiting a few seconds to start his sprint. We got in 20 runs/sprints resulting in a good sweat for the pax.

    COT: Counterama/Name-o-rama. Funny car shared 1 John 3:16 “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.” We need to be there for each other in good and bad times. Our F3 brothers are always there to lay down their lives for each other.

    Thanks for the fitness, fellowship, and faith!

    Funny car