Archives: Steady is the drip that wears the rock away…

  • When: 
  • QIC: Bleeder, Swirly, Saab, TYA, Bleeder, Swirly, Saab, TYA
  • The PAX: DreamLiner, Scully, Priorities, Mentos, McGruff, Lance (FNG), Sheldon (FNG), LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen…FNG, Bleeder, Swirly, THE Yankee Aggressor (TYA), Saab, DreamLiner, Scully, Priorities, Mentos, McGruff, Lance (FNG), Sheldon (FNG), LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen…FNG, Bleeder, Swirly, THE Yankee Aggressor (TYA), Saab
  • 12 intrepid and burgeoning leaders – including 3 FNG’s – descended upon Mount Trashmore for what has now become a hallmark AO for the steadily growing Hampton Roads F3 site.

    The Thang:

    Bleeder Q:  Mosey to steps and perform Step Lunges to the top of MT. Mosey to other side of MT for COP:  SSH, LBC, DQ, Merkins, Imperial Walkers.

    Swirly Q: At the top of the hill, perform Polar Bears from one point to the “Pole” (more about that later).  Perform 20 WW2 situps, and run back.  Al Gore until all were done.  Run to bottom of hill near parking lot for a Triple-Check (2 rounds).  One partner runs up (stairs) and down hill, while other 2 perform Pole Smokers and Merkins.  Runner returns and everyone advances to next exercise.

    Saab Q:  Jacobs Ladder up/down MT.  Ascending Burpees up to 7.  Perform 5 WWII situps each time one passes the midpoint (level area) of the hill.  Hold legs 6 inches until all are done.

    TYA Q:  <start by reminding everyone the importance of his role as Q and how they must all do what he says>.  Perform 11’s from starting point to “TYA’s Pole”.  10 Merkins, 1 Flutter Kick (2 count).  Perform one more round of (10) Merkins and then mosey back to flag for a few minutes of Mary.  Mary:  Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, American Hammers, LBC’s, Superman.  TYA then took us out.


    With Bleeder’s “Jack-Bag” in hand, the Richmond PAX departed for Mount Trashmore several hours before dawn.  As one gets to know each PAX, you learn such things as their “density,” one’s preferred temperature (every 15 minutes), and the precise times one’s GI tract come to life each morning.  One also learns that banging on the doors of a convenience store that has not yet opened is acceptable and explainable behavior when one finds it is owned by Bleeder Enterprises, LLC.

    Upon arrival at MT, the PAX was quickly impressed with the size and area of the park and quickly named off a litany of potential drills.  TYA was convinced that, given his commanding leadership as a Q, no PAX would question swimming the lake if directed.  It was at this point YHC questioned that assertion and weighed his respect for a pillar of F3 RVA, with the health risks associated with swimming in a lake located at the foot of a former trash dump.

    There was some initial debate on where to park – either where F3 RVA was previously instructed to park, or elsewhere.  The Richmond PAX chose elsewhere.  It was at that time we had to regroup and mosey to the proper location where the Hampton Roads PAX had already planted their shovel flags.

    As we proceeded through the workout, TYA felt compelled to profess his knowledge of science and engineering by quizzing the PAX on the purpose of the “pole” potruding from the top of the mountain.  Knowledgeable responses were swift, however, and thus “TYA’s Methane Gas Pole” was anointed…”TYA’s Pole” for short.   During the Triple-Checks, one of the PAX remarked on Swirly’s slow, steady, and textbook-form when performing the Merkins.  Swirly’s commanding reply was “Steady is the drip that wears the rock away…”.  It was at that point the PAX were rendered speechless by Swirly’s poetic prowess.

    Also observed was the distribution of custom t-shirts off a (tiny) truck to the “Campos” contingent – which reportedly read “Campos owns Mount Trashmore” on the back. It was all Swirly could do to restrain himself. There was also brief discussion surrounding the number of times the PAX went up the hill during the course of the workout (7)…or 11 by Swirly’s math. (In fairness, one must qualify whether merely “Traversing” a hill counts, and if there is a break in the ascent ( perform WWII’s) it almost feels like two climbs.  Interesting that one of the PAX pointed out…”we only went up the hill once last week”.

    We welcomed 3 FNG’s (LN2, Sheldon, and Lance). They worked hard today and I hope they continue to post and bring in others.  TClaps to the following: Lance…for choosing to take a morning run before the workout (because 1 hour is not enough), Priorities…for having a baby last Tuesday, and still making the time to post, and Dreamliner for his ongoing enthusiasm and effort to make F3 Hampton Roads a reality.

    Announcements:  Workout at MT next Saturday.  Beginning the week after Thanksgiving, DreamLiner is starting a mid-week workout beginning at 5:30.  Please continue to EH others and grow F3 Hampton Roads.

    Saab abides