Archives: Stepping Through Sloth Hill

  • When: 20180225
  • QIC: Cowboy
  • The PAX: Scully, Dreamliner, Screendoor, Three For One, Freefall, Sunshine, Gandalf, YHC
  • Eight PAX, (record turnout for Sloth) came to a very pleasant Sloth Hill this morning. YHC, Scully, Dreamliner, Screendoor, Three for One, Sunshine, Freefall, and Gandalf. A lot of good mumble chatter & good vibes. Glad to have you back at it Gandalf.


    15 Arm Circles – IC

    20 Imperial Walkers – IC

    20 Merkins

    20 Side Straddle Hops – IC

     The Thang

    Mosey up 1st Set of Steps, down 2nd Set of Steps

    25 LBC’s & 25 Butterfly Kicks

    Mosey up 2nd Set Steps, down 3rd Set Steps

    25 Sit up’s & 25 Butterfly Kicks

    Mosey up & Down 3rd Set – over to playground

    Five rounds of the following for me,… for others, ie Screendoor, Three For One & of course Scully…more rounds.

    18 Step Ups & 20 Sit Ups – Mosey One time around playground

    After rounds, Mosey towards flags with a few stops for Merkins and Rosalita’s, and another jaunt up 1st Steps.

    Minimum Stairs – 39 flights

    COT..lots of good mumble chatter throughout workout.

    Prayers of Thanks and Strength.



    F3 Hampton Roads