Archives: Stinkhill, F3Raleigh-style

  • When: 
  • QIC: Gnard Dogg, Epoxy, Costco
  • The PAX: Mentos, McGruff, Scully, Priorities, SpaceMonkey, Mater, Dreamliner, Triple Option (FNG), Mike (FNG, TBNL), Epoxy, Gnard Dogg, Costco
  • It was an F3Raleigh road trip weekend, as F3 Nation’s second oldest region sent their A-Team up I-95 and points east to lend support to our F3HamptonRoads bretheren as they launch their own region in the beautiful tidewater of Virginia. Judging by the 9 PAX (including two FNG’s) who showed up, these guys already have the fitness-stuff well in hand.  Hopefully, we gave them a few ideas, but these guys could show us all a few things.

    So with shovel flags firmly planted, we set out to make the most of newly-minted Stinkhill workout at the scenic Mt. Trashmore AO (no joke about the scenic).


    The Thang


    • SSH x 20
    • Imperial Walker x 15
    • Plank Jack x 15
    • Mountain Climber x 15
    • Good Morning x 15

    Jog to picnic tables for a modified Classic Five X 15

    • Irkins
    • L/R Step-Ups
    • Dips
    • Elevated Crunch
    • Dirkins

    Costco hits bathroom…

    Repeato x 10.

    Indian run several 100 yards stopping for

    • Mike Tyson x 15
    • Ski Abs X 15
    • Short bear crawl to cones

    Continue Indian Run stopping for partner run / 150 merkins cumulative as a team.

    Continue jog stopping for 4 corners: pull-ups, prisoner squats, merkins, bear crawl / lunge combo (the timer)

    Continue jog around the lake going into 1 squat/4 lunge walk steps 2 squats / 8 lunge steps etc up to 5/20. Continue with broad jumps for approx 30-40 yards.

    Jog back to base of stairs for COLOSSAL Stairbarrows. Costco and Dreamliner did repeats.  This was seriously no joke, Larry David would have been proud (or possibly may have died) 😉

    At top of Mt. Trashmore, grab a rock for variety of curls, presses, triceps, and rows with rotations to switch rocks.

    Jog to grass for LBC x 20

    Jog back to flags for COT.



    Count Off and Namerama,  Mike had to leave early so he will be named at a later post.  Welcome FNG Triple Option!  Gnard Dogg, Epoxy and Costco relayed some of their F3 thoughts and experiences.  Mostly what F3 has meant to them and ways to increase participation without ending up with a bunch of guys like MacGruber and Franzia. 😉

    Thanks much to Dreamliner and his lovely wife for treating us to some outstanding 2nd F time on Friday night.  We look forward to our next visit and invite our F3HamptonRoads brothers to please join us whenever they are down in the City of Oaks.