Archives: Suicide Squad

  • When:¬†20190706
  • QIC:¬†Armstrong/ Catapult
  • The PAX: Training Wheels, Orbit, Marvel, SpaceMonkey, Armstrong, Catapult
  • Warmarama

    SSH IC 25

    Thru the tunnel IC 15

    Merkins IC 15

    The Thang


    Mossey to parking garage to the top floor for a vast variety of suicides.

    Alternating between normal suicides running to each location followed by running back to the start to do 5 Burpees.

    Next suicides with different transportation exercises to get you to the location crab walk, bear crawl, lunge walk, and karaoke. All followed by returning to the start running backwards and doing 5 Burpees.

    Suicides to and from each light pole off of the month and day of your birthday. Run to locations then back double Pax birth month for squats, and 4 count American Hammers for the number of the day you were born.


    Mossey to fountain. For partnering up from 1 flower bed to the other. Partner on your back carry them halfway and do 20 squats then switch. They go to next flower bed do 20 squats with Pax partner on their back.

    Raccoon crawl the wall. Partner back on your back halfway then 20 lazy pull-ups swap and their turn. Raccoon crawl again.

    Partner back on your back halfway 20 step ups. Partners turn.

    Last but not least carry partner halfway 5 Burpees rinse and repeat with partner.

    Mossey back to flag for some abs

    Countarama, Name-arama, COT.

    Armstrong/Catapult out!