Archives: Swamp Cooler

  • When: 20191008
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Marvel, Double Fault
  • 3 PAX arrived to DDG ready to sharpen the mind and body. The weather was gorgeous (not really). This morning’s beatdown was like experiencing a continuous swamp cooler, with gusty winds and sideways rain.

    SSHs, 30 IC
    Arm Circles, 15Fwd/15Bwd IC
    Through the Tunnel, 15 IC
    Finkel Swings, 12ea Leg IC

    The Thang
    YHC got things started with a mosey through the DDG neighborhood avoiding the flooding around the lake. Once complete, PAX partnered up. The PAX ran a set distance while their partner completed an exercise until they returned. Exercises included:

    • Mike Tyson’s using swing, AYG OYO
    • Step ups, AYG OYO
    • 4x4s, AYG OYO
    • Mission Impossible, AYG OYO
    • Bolt 45s, AYG OYO
    • Wing Nuts, AYG OYO
    • Bear Crawls, AYG OYO

    After the circuit was completed PAX ran for a total of 3.2 miles each.

    BBSs, 30 IC
    Flutter Kicks, 20 IC
    LBCs, 30 ICs
    Penguins, 20 IC
    American Hammers, 20 IC
    Reverse Crunch, 20 IC
    Freddy Mercury’s, 20 IC