Archives: Swamp Cooler

  • When: 20191008
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Marvel, Double Fault
  • 3 PAX arrived to DDG ready to sharpen the mind and body. The weather was gorgeous (not really). This morning’s beatdown was like experiencing a continuous swamp cooler, with gusty winds and sideways rain.

    SSHs, 30 IC
    Arm Circles, 15Fwd/15Bwd IC
    Through the Tunnel, 15 IC
    Finkel Swings, 12ea Leg IC

    The Thang
    YHC got things started with a mosey through the DDG neighborhood avoiding the flooding around the lake. Once complete, PAX partnered up. The PAX ran a set distance while their partner completed an exercise until they returned. Exercises included:

    • Mike Tyson’s using swing, AYG OYO
    • Step ups, AYG OYO
    • 4x4s, AYG OYO
    • Mission Impossible, AYG OYO
    • Bolt 45s, AYG OYO
    • Wing Nuts, AYG OYO
    • Bear Crawls, AYG OYO

    After the circuit was completed PAX ran for a total of 3.2 miles each.

    BBSs, 30 IC
    Flutter Kicks, 20 IC
    LBCs, 30 ICs
    Penguins, 20 IC
    American Hammers, 20 IC
    Reverse Crunch, 20 IC
    Freddy Mercury’s, 20 IC

    F3 Hampton Roads