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  • YHC was coming in HOT this morning.  Didn’t get on to 2 wheels but in a true homage to Circle K,  “1 minute” was shouted from the open driver door before the car was shut off.  4 total Pax joined in at Bear Country for a final AO Q from Priorities. YHC will have the Q a few more times before departing but this was the last at Bear Country.

    Warmup –

    At the behest of M Priorities, YHC included some yoga poses in this morning’s workout.  We began with a sun salutation that was quickly and awkwardly performed and we moved on…

    Warm up continued with a Bataan Death March to the bleachers.  YHC has yet to Q at Bear Country without running bleachers, so why stop now.  Up to the top, over and back down every aisle.  Next it was onto the newly discovered tennis courts.  Dreamliner and YHC were introduced to an exercise called “paint the lines” in Dallas so we thought we should share.  The pax got through both sides of 5 of the 8 courts and YHC decided a warm up shouldn’t last for more than half of the workout so we moved on.

    The Thang –

    The pax paused momentarily under the bleachers to admire the Success Doughnuts but moved on without bringing one with.

    YHC was inspired (forced by Dreamliner stealing most of my Q ideas yesterday) by last night’s NBA Draft Lottery so we conducted the 1st annual F3 Hampton Roads Workout Lottery.  The name of the game was line drills.  At each line the pax would perform 5 of an exercise and sprint back to the end line, then sprint back to the next line and repeat.  5 total lines.  The exercise of each individual pax would be chosen from the lottery bag of exercises.  Upon finishing (at the end line…) each pax would pick up the 6 and complete whatever exercises they had chosen so all finished together.  The pax who finished first, got first choice out of the bag and had the option to pass and choose another.  The pax who finished last was assigned a silent 20 count and called GO for the next round.

    All the exercises are too hard to recall but the worst seemed to be Crawl Bears back from each line, Triple Run to each line, and Burpees.  Pax, need a vote on what you think was hardest.  Easiest was definitely stationary thinker (which SubMac respectably declined) and backward sprint from each line (which YHC did not).  After 5 rounds, there was just enough time to mosey back to the flags.

    COT –

    Be a Man.  Our wives and kids don’t need a boy to lead them.  Words courtesy of Pastor Grant Ethridge this last Sunday as YHC’s church is working through Ephesians.  Ephesians 5 gives us a picture of the biblical role of a Man.  We are called to lead our household.  This doesn’t mean we are most important, in fact the opposite.  As the leader, we need to make decisions with the best interest of our family in mind, not in our own self interest.  In F3 terms, we need to live 3rd.

    Announcements –

    -See you all at #HDHH this afternoon!  Leaving from O’Connor’s at 5.

    -Prayers for Funny Car who is recovering from his surgery.  Praise God for the wisdom to listen to your body and go get checked out when something isn’t right. Get back soon!

    -Tuesday and Thursday is moving to 0530.  Who’s idea was it to start at 6 anyway??

    Priorities Out