Archives: The Return of F3 Volleyball to StinkHill

  • When: 20180728
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Sunshine, Average Joe, Cowboy, Scully
  • A bit of wet sunshine graced StinkHill Saturday morning, but that did not put a damper on the return of F3 Volleyball to the region’s inaugural AO. Worried that the featured activity would not be enough of a challenge to the determined Pax, YHC chose to beef up Warmarama a little to ensure a sufficient beatdown was achieved… Unfortunately, the Pax’ lack of VB skills proved those concerns to be unjustified.


    SSH.                       20.       IC

    CCD.                       20.       OMC

    Imperial Walkers.  20.      IC

    CCD.                        20.      OMC

    Thru the Tunnel.    20.      IC

    CCD.                         20.     OMC

    Arm Circles.            20.     IC. ( Fwd & Bckwd)

    CCD.                         20.      OMC

    Big Boy Situps.       20.      OMC

    CCD.                         20.       OMC

    The Thang

    Mosey to the sand volleyball court adjacent to the nearest shelter where YHC TRIED to explain that the object of the game was to keep the ball in play and NOT try and score points against the other side, but it became quickly obvious after the first few points that the concept had not been fully grasped by Average Joe who continually chose to hit the ball to the unoccupied areas of the opposing court. YHC then called for a brief stoppage in the action to fully explain the rules… reproduced below for those who choose to bring F3 Volleyball to other AOs:

    Object of the game: Keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Once the ball hits the ground, All Pax perform a given number of reps of the selected exercise before play continues (in our case 20 CCDs, but this was later modified to 10 reps and ultimately 5 reps due to the Pax’ inability to keep the ball in play for an extended period). Again, severely underestimating the Pax’ ability to F¥€K THINGS UP, YHC threw an illadvised wrench in things by having the each Pax run to the other side of the net after their initial touch of the ball and continue play on the opposite side only to run to the other side again after their next touch. Ideally, play should go as follows: Initial serve (run to the other side not required). Pax 1 receives the ball by passing to a teammate (Pax 2) and then runs to the other side. Pax 2 passes to third teammate (Pax 3) and runs to the other side. Pax 3 puts the ball over the net (ideally to a waiting Pax on the other side) and runs to the other side. Rinse and repeat.

    Modifications are encouraged in order to extend the time the ball is kept in play (we failed to come up with any that allowed us to keep the ball in play more than 3 or 4 time over the net so any ideas you can come up with are welcomed. YHC is at a loss… short of recruiting more coordinated PAX! Some of the modifications we’ve tried: only the initial touch on a given side runs to the other side, eliminate the ruin altogether, lifts and double contacts are acceptable, more than 3 touches on a side are acceptable, and finally multiple touches by a single player are OK

    With just over 20 minutes remaining (and 220 additional CCDs later), YHC called a halt to the “fun” in favor of an attempt at Death by Burpees. Timer was set at a very ambitious 20 minutes, and in the first minute, the Pax performed a good form Burpee. Minute 2 yielded 2 good form Burpees. Minute 3 produced 3, etc… Of course the difficulty increased (and the form decreased) as the timer approached 10 minutes, but the Pax pressed on before finally calling it quits after 12 minutes, and with just minutes remaining, the Pax hastily broke down the net and proceeded back to the flags for COT.

    Keep giving it away men,