Archives: The Return of the Tow Rope…

  • When: 20171128
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Deflator, Dreamliner, Tow Rope
  • This morning YHC was joined at #DuckDuckGoose by two #DDG staples (Deflator and Dreamliner) as well as the one and only Tow Rope after a triumphant battle with the ever present Fartsack Monster. Good to have you back brother!  Here is what happened:

    Warmarama: Dreamliner got us started due to YHC being a few seconds behind the clock. This was followed by 10x helicopters, 10x through the tunnel, 10x Imperial Walkers.

    The Thang: Run one lap around the pond, bypassing the bridge in favor of a sprint past the fountain.  Pick up the six and then finish at the tennis courts.  Each PAX takes one corner of the court for a four corners routine.  Corner 1 was dips, corner 2 squats, corner 3 merkins, and corner 4 lunges.  Exercises were performed AMRAP for one minute followed by 15 seconds to rotate to the next corner.  After completion of all four corners PAX painted the lines on both sides of the court before returning to the corners.  Second set was 45 seconds of AMRAP followed by 20 seconds to transition.  Once complete, a second coat of paint was applied to the lines.  The third set of four corners was 30 seconds at each corner with a 20 second transition.  A final coat was applied to the lines to ensure full coverage.  The PAX then completed a second lap around the pond, this time going the opposite direction and staying together as a group.

    Mary: 10x Crunchy Frogs, 10x Freddie Mercury, Captain Thor (ladder up 1 big boy situp to 4 4-count American Hammers, maintaining a 1:4 ratio) from 1 to 5, 5x burpees.

    Counterama and Namerama were performed with all PAX holding high plank.  As you count off you perform one merkin with an additional merkin for each piece of information (Hospital Name, F3 Name, Age).

    COT: YHC thanked the PAX for everything that they have done through F3 to make YHC better as evidenced by physical readiness test scores at work yesterday.  You men have definitely changed my life for the better, and for that I will always be grateful.

    F3 Hampton Roads