Archives: The Stinkhill Escalator

  • When: 20170819
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Airwolf, Screen Door, Sunshine, Mentos, Bachelor Pad, Clifford, Triple Option, Deflator, Tow Rope, Scully, Funny Car, Dreamliner
  • Stinkhill numbers are bouncing back in August with 13 PAX posting.  The more the merrier definitely applies to F3 workouts.

    Warmarama – Slaughter Starter (20 Burpees OYO), Hillbillies x 20 IC, Abe Vigoda x 15 IC, Drill Instructors

    The Thang

    Mosey to bathrooms to take advantage of the stone walls for Mike Tysons x 10 – plank position with feet on wall, on 1 count squat into wall, on 2 count extend back into plank, on 3 count down into Merkin, 4 count back up.

    Short mosey to picnic tables.  Next exercise was Deconstructed Burpees – 10 Squats, 10 Leg Thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg Thrusts, then back up.  Minus 1 rep each round down to 1.  Next exercise was Dealers Choice consisting of Copperhead Squats, Derkins, Box Jumps, LBCs, WWIIs, X Factor and more I can’t recall.

    Mosey to longer side of StinkHill for StinkHill Escalator – split hill into quarters, first quarter 10 Derkins, halfway up 10 Derkins and 20 Mountain Climbers, 3rd quarter 10 Derkins 20 Mountain Climbers and 30 WWIIs, at top 10 Derkins 20 Mountain Climbers 30 WWIIs and 40 Squats. Go to the top and back down.

    Mosey to bottom of stairs where YHC planned on running to top of of StinkHill for Rock Olympics.  However, after noticing there was only 8 mins left YHC scratched that idea.  Screen Door suggested Everest and YHC was glad to oblige.  Not sure if it was appreciated by the rest of the PAX since it was the end of the workout but everyone powered through it and finished strong.  Moseyed back to the flags just in time for the COT.


    Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Pastor Charles Swindoll

    The difference between happy and unhappy people is not the absence of problems but rather how you respond to the problems.  We need to respond God’s way not the world’s way. – Pastor Grant Ethridge

    When we face problems in life, as each of us inevitably does, don’t let yourself become bitter or react with anger.  Instead react God’s way with grace, understanding and love.


    F3 Hampton Roads