Archives: Time for some Sled Dragging Fun!

  • When: 20180428
  • QIC: Sunshine
  • The PAX: Scully, Average Joe, Cowboy, Funny Car, Angus, Toot Toot, Gandolf, Mentos, Sunshine (QIC)
  • We had pax member come down range to join us for this royal beat down.

    Warmarama (7 min) –

    15 Side Straddle Hops (4 Count, In Cadence)

    1 Burpee

    15 Arm Circles (Forward, 4-Count, IC)

    2 Burpees

    15 Imperial Walkers (4-Count, IC)

    3 Burpees

    15 Arm Circles (Backward, 4-Count, IC)

    4 Burpees

    10 A bagoda(4-Count, IC)

    5 Burpees

    10 Air Squats (4-Count, IC)

    4 Burpees

    20 Merkins (IC)

    3 Burpees

    20 flutter kicks (4-Count, IC)

    2 Burpees

    20 Big Boy Sit-ups

    1 Burpee

    Workout #1 (33 min)

    Split the group into 2. Then each team will take turns pulling the sled.  While one teammate is pulling the sled 100m, the rest of the team will take one lap around the parking lot then meet up with the person pulling the sled at the 100m stopping point.  Circle back for the 6 before starting the station.  At the stopping point each team will complete 20 Partner Handclap Merkins, 20 Air Squats (plate optional) 20 Partner sit-ups with plate.  At the flags, each person will do 1 Atlas stone and 5 burpees 2 times each before continuing to the next station. Complete all 4 stations.  This was modified to 15 of each on the second lap.  Mumble chatter cease to exist by the second lap.


    Workout #2 (10 min)

    HITT Training:

    1 min on/1 min off  AMRAP of Each:

    Overhead Plate Lunges

    Plate American Hammer

    Lateral Raises

    Tricep Extension

    Bicep Curls