Archives: Tire Flippin' Fun

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  • QIC: Priorities
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities, Screen Door
  • 4 grizzly bears escaped the pull of the nice warm den to grace #BearCountry this morning.  Unfortunately, one bear’s paw is gimpy and it doesn’t take a veterinarian to see that paw should not be flippin’ any tires.  Good to see you this morning, Walk On, get better soon!

    For the 3 remaining Kodiaks, it was on to Day 2 of #AWeekOfPriorities!


    Imperial Walkers x20 IC – Unable to perform F3HR style since YHC was unable to call cadence and hum The Imperial March at the same time…

    Don Quixotes x20 IC – F3HR Style – Luckily Screen Door was there, YHC could not have counted to 20…

    The Thang:

    Mosey with a flag to the track and plant at mid field.  Commence an exploratory mosey to find a tire.  Luckily one was found near the bear statue (name?) and was rolled back to the flag.

    Inspired by #ChainLocker in F3 Orlando, today’s goal was 4 Corners.  Run to a corner of the field and perform a ladder of 3 different excercises each x5 then each x10 then each x15.  Legs, arms, abs at each corner.  On the way to each corner, 1 Pax would flip the tire to the corner and then commence with the rest of the Pax.  Then the tire flipper would roll the tire back to the flag while the rest of the Pax sprinted.  10 Burpees back at the flag then on to next corner with a new tire flippin’ pax.

    Corner 1:  Step Ups, Dips, Box Cutters

    Corner 2: Partner Carries (not counted, just length of the end zone), Catalina Wine Mixers, Rosalitas

    Corner 3: Lunges, Diamond Merkins, Dollys

    Corner 4:  3 Pax caterpillar flipped the tire back to the bear statue, then Smurf Jacks, Merkin Walk, Flutter Kicks

    Left the flippin’ tire behind, picked up the flag and moseyed back to the original flag for COT.



    Challenge was put out yesterday to be the iron that sharpens in and out of F3.  Today’s words of wisdom were about reliability. It may not be known but YHC is a rabid fan of the F3RVA podcasts and was inspired by “Are you available?”  One of my goals in life is to be the guy that you know you can call and count on to answer and deliver, no questions asked.  Whether you need a ride at 3am, an amount of money with no judgements or a place to stay.  If you were to memorize one phone number that you know you can call when your cell phone is dead and you are in a pinch, I want my brothers to KNOW 518-727-9182 can be that number.  This is not driven by ego or an effort to toot my own horn, it is driven by a desire to be a servant leader.  This kind of trust can’t be built by me just saying it anyway, it’s built by action.  This can be done in many ways but I attempt to build trust by posting every opportunity, not because I need it (which I unquestionably do) but in case a fellow pax needs me.  By posting a backblast as soon as possible, not because it has to be done immediately but so my fellow pax can rely on me doing it. The challenge to the pax was to strive to be the guy that other pax can count on, no questions asked.

    The flip side is, don’t be scared to ask the Pax for help.  This brotherhood is built on Pax who will slam on the breaks in any situation and race in a new direction to your aid without ever asking why.

    BOM – Dreamliner took us out.


    Do we need an F3 name for our new friend the flippin’ tire?  Seems prudent.  YHC has never done a flippin’ tire workout before but we’ll need to do that again. Aye!

    Smurf Jacks are really hard.  Maybe we were doing them wrong?  Like so many things around here they were stolen from an F3RVA podcast…

    YHC has just now realized the title of this backblast was unknowingly stolen as well… from F3RVA… Thanks Rosie!

    Colonial 70 is now less than 10 days away!! Is everyone registered?  Signed up to bring something?  Anyone want to be a cheerleader or chauffer?


    -Priorities out.