Archives: Tire Flippin' Good Time

  • When: 20180314
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Yoast, Dreamline, Space Monkey
  • YHC was “tired” (you will get it soon) of the same old boring run around and push up workouts he had Q’d.  It was time to put the “rubber to  the road” for a good ol’ morning sweat-fest.  I knew the PAX would not “tread lightly” through this beatdown.  Terrible puns over with, let’s get to it.


    Side-straddle hops, in cadence (IC), 20; Shoulder circles (IC, 10 each direction); Sumo squats (IC, 20); Don Quixotes (IC, 20)

    The Thang-

    The PAX moseyed to the track with a hunger for some tire flipping.  Barely able to restrain their zeal, YHC limited the PAX from each getting their own HUGE tire.  1 tire for the 4 of us would be sufficient.  PAX paired up and while one pair “flipped,” the other “blipped.”  BLIP- burpees, leg lifts, imperial walkers, Carolina dry dock (shoulder Presses is how I get to “P”).  10 reps each.  Once the BLIP was complete, the PAX ran to take over the tire flips.  After 2 rounds were completed, audible to tire rolling instead of flipping. Thanks to Dreamliner and Funny Car for emptying out the water from the tire for Yoast and YHC!  Completion of 2 more rounds and the very “tired” tire was returned to its resting place.

    Mosey to the carport where YHC decided to see if the PAX could do a Dora in 7 minutes … we did!

    Countarama, Namarama

    No real thoughts prepared for this morning.  Simply put, reflect the love, peace, forgiveness, and patience that Christ demonstrated on Earth.

    Ball of man, prayers, PAX rolled out!

    Space Monkey