Archives: Triple Quarter Pounder

  • When: 20191016
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Funny Car, Space Monkey, Gator, Yoast, Dreamliner
  • 6 PAX arrived to Bear Country hungry for fitness. It was 65 and gorgeous.

    1. SSHs 30 IC
    2. Through the Tunnel 20 IC
    3. Arm Circles 15Fwd/15Bwd IC
    4. No Surrenders 10 IC

    Mosey to the Bear Country football field.

    The Thang:
    Quarter Pounder- Done on a Football field or a large parking lot. Sprint to the 25 yard line, do 25 merkins, then run backwards to the goal line. Sprint to the 50 yard line, do 50 squats, then run backwards to the goal Line. Sprint to the 75 yard line, do 75 Mountain Climbers, then run backwards to the goal line. Sprint to the hundred yard line, do 100 SSHs, then run backwards to the goal line. mix and match exercises for the reps. Do it with a brick (coupon) for a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Rinse and repeat for a Double or Triple Quarter Pounder. All exercises accomplished OYO.

    Quarter Pounder
    1. 25 Merkins
    2. 50 Squats
    3. 75 Mountain Climbers
    4. 100 SSH
    Double Quarter Pounder
    1. 25 Shoulder Taps
    2. 50 Lunges
    3. 75 Leg Thrusts
    4. 100 SSH
    Triple Quarter Pounder
    1. 25 Hand Release Merkins
    2. 50 Bonnie Blairs
    3. 75 Monkey Humpers
    4. 100 SSH

    PAX ran approximately 2 miles during the entirety of the workout.

    “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie