Archives: Turkeys in the Oven

  • When: 20181124
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Summit, Buoy, Cowboy, Sunshine, McGruff, Freefall, Space Monkey
  • Although tryptophan was still coursing through our veins, the PAX appeared ready for a beatdown, Thanksgiving leftover style.

    Warmarama: Side straddle hops (in-cadence, IC, 15), Finkle swings (IC, 15), Imperial Walkers (IC, 15), Sumo squats (IC, 15), 5 burpees … because you always need burpees

    The Thang

    We moseyed to the far shelter where the PAX were informed that, on this auspicious occasion, the shelter we were all in would be considered a massive oven.  That would make us, well, Turkeys.  As such, it was important to have a section of the beatdown dedicated to each part of the bird we just got done celebrating.


    They are the first thing you face when working with a turkey.  You have to take this mixed bag of grossness out of the bird to cook it.  So, we started with a mixed bag of activities that the PAX would learn to love.  Borrowing from a fellow PAX, Deflator, we did two gorilla swings to the left (in a crouching position, move your arms to the left, plant your hands, and bring your feet behind you) followed by a frog burpee (from a crouching position with your hands up, plant your hands, bring your legs back, do a merkin, bring your legs up, and return to starting position).  This was repeated going to the right.  After 20, an audible was made to break up the intended 40 into two sets.  Who doesn’t want seconds of the Giblets.


    Think drumming, think sticks for hitting drums with, think what controls the sticks, arms.  That led to a 10 minute AMRAP of 9 dips, 7 Carolina dry docks, and 5 minutes of pull-up bar activity (YHC could not continue doing pull-ups throughout the AMRAP so any activity, repeated 5 times was counted).  At the completion of the AMRAP, the PAX were served their second helping of Giblets … YUMMO!


    Sticking with the dark meat, the PAX were split into a group of 1s and 2s.  The 1s started with the first PAX performing 20 Bonnie Blares, one count for every right foot, while the remaining 1s performed squats.  The 2s held Al Gore.  Once the first 1s PAX was completed, responsibilities switched.  The first 2s performed Bonnie Blares while the remaining 2s did squats and the 1s held Al Gore.  This was completed until all PAX had the amazing opportunity to do Bonnie Blares.

    Turkey Wing

    A 1s PAX teamed up with a 2s PAX for the remainder of the beatdown.  Since you kind of look like a turkey wing while performing a Monkey Humper, each pair of PAX was tasked with performing 400 monkey humpers.  While one PAX did this, the other PAX ran up the hill.  They were instructed to consider taking flight while racing up the elevation.  Although YHC did not record it, I thought I saw several PAX become airborne at the summit.


    Everyone’s favorite part … until we started.  With time in short supply, the PAX performed as many hand-release merkins as possible in their duos.  While the first PAX did 15 hand-release merkins, the other did big boy sit-ups.  The PAX were informed that, should they complete 300 merkins total before YHC called it, they could return to the flags early.  No PAX were seen to reach this goal.

    YHC called the mosey back to the flag with two minutes left.  With 20 seconds left at the flag, some calf stretches in a pseudo Warrior I pose (where my Yoga peeps at!) were ordered.


    COT and Ball of Man


    Space Monkey


    March 22-24: GrowRuck (Grow School + GoRuck Tough) Virginia. Clear your calendars now.
    Location: Richmond, VA
    Schedule: Friday night 2ndF Event, Saturday AM workout + GrowSchool, Saturday PM GORUCK Tough (12-14 hours), Sunday AM breakfast
    Cost: $150 (for GoRuck Tough)
    More details to come.

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