Archives: Twenty One

  • When: 20190824
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Orbit, Catapult, Thrifty, Marvel
  • Conditions: Cloudy but a breezy 75

    PAX: 4; did the rest of the PAX get tired of YHC’s Qs? THEN SIGN UP

    FNGs: None

    DR PAX: None


    • 5 Burpees OYO
    • 25 SSHs IC
    • 4 Burpees OYO
    • 10/10 Arm Circles IC
    • 3 Burpees OYO
    • 15 TTT IC
    • 2 Burpees OYO
    • 10 Toy Soldiers IC
    • 1 Burpee OYO

    Mosey to the pond.

    The Thang

    At the next three planters, the PAX completed 7 American Hammers (IC), 7 Leg Lifts, 7 Big Boys and then 21 LBCs (IC) then moseyed to the next planter.

    At the following three planters, the PAX completed 7 Merkins, 7 Derkins, 7 Irkins, and 21 CDDs, then moseyed to the next planter.

    At the following three planters, the PAX completed 7 Squats, 7 Lunges (IC), 7 Step Ups, and 21 Johnny Dramas (IC).

    At this point YHC realized two things:

    1. We had overshot our starting point.
    2. At only 0731, YHC had not prepared enough workout.

    Which meant almost everything following was an audible.

    Catch Me if You Can (Modified): Partner up, while one PAX does 21 WWI Sit-Ups, his partner starts to lunge walk around the pond until the original partner finishes the WWIs and runs to catch up to him, at which point they switch.

    Dora: Same partners, one does the following exercises while the other runs down to the stairs, up and down the incline:

    • Squats – 100
    • Dips – 200
    • American Hammers (2ct) – 300

    Oh Craps: One of YHC’s favorites, with a twist: before the workout began, the PAX were asked for an exercise they would want to do 21 reps of. Said exercises were then written on a dice that at this point was rolled, the requisite exercise completed, and the PAX moseyed to the next planter. The exercises completed were:

    • Overhead Claps (IC) x2
    • Big Boys
    • Squats

    Mosey to the flag.


    One round of dealer’s choice, most reps @ 21, in keeping with the rest of the workout:

    • XOs
    • LBCs
    • Freddy Mercurys
    • TTT
    • Hello Dollys


    Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

    Philippians 2:3–4
    • While on vacation YHC posted with the local F3 group and caught himself making some judgments as to their organization, vigor, and overall demeanor.
    • That was, until he remembered this verse and thought a better path was to do as the verse says and consider how he could help, or how he was not any better, or how he was worse in other ways.


    • YHC showed up exactly, on-the-dot on time due to literally dealing with some crap this morning–that is, a clogged toilet.
    • Technically, Thrifty, yes Through the Tunnel works the core…a little bit.
    • YHC was not a Boy Scout, but after 40+ Qs, one would think he would be better prepared.


    • The Iron PAX challenge will be taking place over the month of September. It is, as the name would suggest, challenging, but there is a regional competition that will be easier the more PAX we have who participate. Details can be found here. Registration form can be found here.
    • October 19th there will be a Q-school convergence at Bear Country, followed by a 4 hour rucking event and canned good donations.

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