Archives: Ultimate Donkey Kicks

  • When:¬†20181020
  • QIC:¬†Catapult
  • The PAX: Bobber, Shakespeare, SubMac, Cowbell, Dreamliner, 2 Wheel, Armstrong, Marvel, Buoy, Catapult
  • It started as a super rainy day in the gloom. But the weather got better.


    30 SSH IC

    15 Thru the Tunnel

    20 Michael Phelps

    The Thang

    Working thru the Alphabet of exercises.

    Started with Doc Ock’s Octogon of Doom

    Dodo Bird


    Doggie paddle



    Don Quixotes

    Donkey Kick-offs mixed with Donkey Kick

    F3 Ultimate Frisbee with Carolina Dry Dock penalties. Mosey back to flag.

    Followed by COT and prayer.