Archives: Ultimate frisburpee from a southbound Virginian (Guest Q)

  • When: 20170705
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Varsity, One Call, Ms. PacMan, Globetrotter, Kitten, Black Out, Huggy Bear, Dreamliner
  • YHC and his brother (Globetrotter) started the morning well into the gloom on vacation at Ocean Lakes. We arrived around 0500 to scout out the AO. YHC was on guest Q from Hampton Roads, VA (Thanks men for letting to Q while downrange). After locating the correct parking lot (we were in the incorrect one), YHC started to get worried when at 0521 only one PAX had arrived. This would have required an audible to the planned workout (see below). Then, the cars started to roll in. 8 PAX began the workout. The goal for the day was to introduce some staples from F3 Hampton Roads into the mix.


    The Thang:

    Warm-a-rama: 25 side straddle hops (IC), once (eleven) Don Quixote aka windmills (IC counted in Spanish because that’s how it’s done), 20 mountain climbers (IC), 5 burpees (OYO).

    Indian run around front of church to front parking lot.

    Merkin/Squat ascending ladders: AMRAP 1 merkin on first line, bear crawl 3 parking spaces, 2 squats, lunge walk 3 spaces, 3 merkins, bear crawl, 4 squats, lunge walk, . . . for 3 minutes as high as you can go (most PAX were at the 9 or 10 mark).

    Mosey to baseball field for “poles” (foul pole to foul pole) which are all too familiar to the baseball pitchers in the group.

    Triple check: 2 groups, 1 PAX runs “pole,” 1 PAX forearm plank, 1 PAX merkins (counter). Rotate when running PAX returns. AMRAP for 5 minutes (250ish merkins).

    Slow mosey to football field.

    Ultimate Frisburpee: Standard ultimate Frisbee but with penalty burpees. 5 burpees (all PAX) on first turnover, 4 burpees on second turnover, . . . standard ultimate after 5 turnovers. Burpees reset after every point. This is an F3 Hampton Roads staple on Saturdays at StinkHill.

    First half: 4 points completed.

    Half-time: Mary consisting of 25 flutter kicks (IC), 15 big boy sit-ups (on my count), 15 box cutters (IC)

    Second half: 1 more point (it was a LONG point).

    Mosey back to the flag.


    Circle of Trust:

    Today’s Maxwell
    Every challenge has an opportunity. And every opportunity has a challenge. A person’s attitude determines how he handles those.

    Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
    Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

    This is significant to YHC because he and his M are transitioning out of one season which had a specific challenge into another season where that challenge is going away. Yet, new challenges and rewards have already started to arise. The challenge to the PAX: Keep in mind that each season has its rewards and challenges. The next season will have its own set of rewards and challenges.


    Guest Q Patch Ceremony:

    Recite F3 mission statement: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

    Recite five core principle: F3 workouts are free of charge, open to all men, peer-led, held outdoors – rain or shine, and end with a circle of trust.

    Name five F3Grandstrand AOs: The first three were easy: TheRepublic, WartHog, BombSquad (YHC has posted at these three this week). Needed some help for two more: Timeshare and Blackbeard’s Revenge.

    Perform 34 merkins in honor of fallen brother, Dipstick.

    This is an amazing thing you all do for the Guest Qs. Thank you. The patch is sweet.



    YHC really enjoyed having the opportunity to Guest Q (and receive a patch). Thank you for following me around in the gloom this morning. It has been a blast to post with you all this week. I especially enjoyed the fellowship and conversation YHC and Globetrotter had with One Call and Blackout after the workout.

    – Dreamliner