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  • When: 
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Open House (FNG), Disco (FNG), Slash (FNG), Priorities, Mentos, Scully, SubMac, Triple Option, Bachelor Pad, Half-life, Frozone, Average Joe, Screen Door, Seaworm, Dreamliner
  • 15 PAX, yes that is not a typo, 15 PAX took on #StinkHill and completely dominated it.  As one of our three FNGs (Open House) so astutely pointed out after the workout, the morning began with a clown car from the peninsula.  It’s pretty awesome when an FNG already has the F3 lexicon down.  This clown car of Open House (FNG), Bachelor Pad, Disco (FNG), and YHC (your humble correspondent) was not alone on the carpooling front.  A Priorities driven clown car with Triple Option and Slash (FNG) rolled in with a minute to spare.  Prioritites, the self-appointed Swirly of F3 Hampton Roads, did not follow the “Swirly Early” principle.  Something about a backup in the downtown tunnel.  Here’s how the workout went down.


    Warmarama:  20 side straddle hops (In cadence (IC)), 10 merkins (IC), 10 windmills (IC), and 20 little baby crunches (LBCs) (IC).

    Grab both shovel flags (Scully’s original idea) and mosey to field at base of #StinkHill.  Plant one shovel flag on each end of the field.  Screen Door, resident sprinter of the morning, was volun-told to perform the extra distance to plant further shovel flag.

    Modified Blimps from one flag to the other.  5 burpess, 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks, 20 squats, 25 LBCs.  Repeatdo back to original flag.

    Group split into two teams for some “Ultimate Frisburpee.”  The rules were fairly simple.  Normal ultimate frisbee with every turnover all PAX completing 5 burpees.  As with most of YHC’s Qs an audible was called to begin incrementally decreasing the number of burpees (5,4,3,2,1) on each turnover.  A few key takeaways from the game.  First and foremost, the PAX are competitive (no surprise there) and absolutely willing to lay out to make an #SCtop10 catch.  Second, you could tell that Triple Option is a youth pastor and has played ultimate a time or two. Lastly, YHC may need a rename to Captain Iron Hands after dropping an easy game winner on round 1.  Each team with one score a piece so a tie breaker will be in order on a future date.

    Mosey to picnic tables for some 11s (derkins and dips).  The echoing sounds inside the shelter of the PAX calling numbers were enough to make the sweat drenched hair stand up on your arm.  Amazing!

    In the field beside the shelter, 11s (squats and big boy situps).  Mumble chatter was strong at this point with Priorities handing out late backblast tickets, Screen Door keeping YHC on count, and many other ramblings YHC just cannot remember at this point.

    Up the hill we go with an F3 Richmond stolen exercise.  Thanks Sippy Cup.  Throw frisbee, sprint until frisbee hits the ground, bear crawl to frisbee.  Winner gets the next throw.  Multiple finish line dives took place at this point (Triple Option, Slash (almost double dragon (see below)), Half-life, Priorities, Open House, and I am sure I missed others).

    Ring of fire with 10 merkins/plank. Frozone and seaworm beast’ed out their 10 merkins like nothing was even going on. Half-life pointed out that a better way to complete this with a group this size is Double Dragon with the PAX performing merkins around the circle in both directions. Growing pains. Love it. Evidently, double dragon is also what it is called when sailors have niceties coming out both ends at sea.  Good to know.

    Mosey back down the hill to the shovel flags.  Two more rounds of modified blimps (Frozone leading the way) and back to the vehicles for the COT.


    COT (Circle of Trust):

    Counterama and name-o-rama.  YHC often floats through each day exercising in the morning, working during the day, and family obligations at night because that is what he “should” be doing without really considering the why behind it.  YHC challenged each PAX to have one tangible thing this week (work, family, hobby, etc.) and answer why he did this.  The hope is that we could be more motivated if we understand the why or reduce our burden of unnecessary tasks. 1 Cor. 10:31 “Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.”



    It was great to have Average Joe back out after a recovery from knee surgery.  You could tell he has been taking his Daily Red Pill (DRP) at physical therapy. We may have had our fastest name ever with the PAX thinking Aaron said Disco instead of disc golf.  It stuck. SubMac does not look back once he starts something as he has posted every Tues. and Sat. since his inaugural FNG day.  Mentos continues to kill it each week with that ruck sack.  More power to him.  Last call for the GoRuck Tough with Mentos and YHC (Next Sat. Mar. 4).

    As YHC is writing this, he is trying to determine whether the shaking in his hands is from the three cups of coffee or the unashamed excitement he is feeling from this morning.  The most likely answer, the latter.

    – Dreamliner

    F3 Hampton Roads