Archives: Unfriendly Competition and 69 Burpees

  • When: 20170927
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, SubMac, Cheeks, Space Monkey
  • Although school started several weeks ago, YHC thought the PAX still needed a lesson in true competition. As most often, we engage in friendly competition, where we seek to accept our victory with humility and honor our competitors, this beatdown was designed to let the PAX accept their victory with disdain and develop great envy of their competitors … Let’s see if it was a success.

    The Thang:

    Warmarama:  Side Straddle Hop (20x, IC), Imperial Walkers (20x, IC), Merkins (10x, IC)

    Top speed mosey (20 yards maybe) from the shovel flags to the canopy in front of the school for an explanation. 4 PAX were split into two teams. Each team would complete a series of exercises and return to the canopy. The team that reached the canopy first would pick up 2 of 3 popsicle sticks. Each stick had a number (8, 9, or 10) corresponding to the number of burpees that the winning team had to do. The losing team would have to do the remaining number of burpees on the last popsicle stick. (Isn’t it great to be a champion … winning = more burpees) Regardless of who finishes when, each PAX must do their minimum number of burpees and, once complete, continue to do burpees until all PAX have finished.

    Here were the activities:

    1. Rapid fire 11s starting with 10 step-ups and 1 dip, then 9 step-ups and 2 dips, continue to 1 step-up and 10 dips … winning team pulled 17 burpees
    2. Run around the parking lot and at each corner do merkins. As soon as one team member does 15 merkins, all get up and run to next corner. Continue until combined merkins totals 150 … winning team pulled 18 burpees
    3. Back to the flag (YHC needed to rendezvous with his water) for flutter-kick handoffs. One team member does 10 flutter-kicks (4-count) while remaining team does LBCs. Once completed, next team member does 10 flutter-kicks. Continue until combined flutter-kicks totals 120 … winning team pulled 17 burpees
    4. Karaoke around the parking lot with one team member holding a 5 lb weight. Stop at each corner to do tricep extensions: person 1 does 10, person 2 does 20, person 1 does 30, person 2 does 40, person 1 does 50. Run to the next corner and reverse order. First team to complete lap, wins … winning team pulled 17 burpees

    As each round was close, in actuality, all PAX did close to 69 burpees (DANG!) making all of them winners in YHC’s book. Then super slowsy back to the flag for some Mary. Captain Thors (1 big boy situp followed by 4 American Hammers per sit-up) to 5, Box cutters (IC) with 5 from outside-in and 5 from inside-out, ring of fire with 6” hold while one PAX does 30 LBCs. YHC called an audible to alternate to 45 and 90 degrees on account of his abdomen deciding it had enough.


    Circle of Trust:

    Countarama and Namarama

    Being a Christian Competitor: YHC could not find any specific bible verses that talk about how to go about a “friendly competition.” Instead, most were inferences for how to be a Christian competitor. Most of these things are the “bread and butter” of being a Christian man; act in a manner pleasing to God, honor your competitors and show them kindness, celebrate your victory with humility and your defeat with acceptance, always let YHC win (OK, that one was not in there, just seeing if you were paying attention). One interesting verse was 1 Corinthians 9:25-

    Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable.

    Basically, whether you are running a marathon you have trained months for, are competing in a triathlon and are edging away from your competition, or you are simply out for a morning walk, pursue all of these endeavors as if your primary goal were to receive that imperishable wreath.

    Ball of Man with prayer for those recovering from natural disasters as well as some needs within the PAX.