Archives: UNO!!!

  • When: 20171219
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: SubMac, Deflator, SpaceMonkey, Triple Option, Scout, Mater, Screen Door
  • This morning was a welcome showing of seven PAX at DuckDuckGoose for the second round of F3 Uno.  This was particularly appropriate as Deflator was fearful of having another solo Q.  Not to fear, SubMac HC’d for Triple Option to make sure Deflator would not be flying solo.

    WARMARAMA: 15x Helicopters, 10x Hillbilly Walkers, 10x Don Quixotes, and a lap around the lake at your own pace (here Mater stayed on YHC’s heels causing me to push a bit harder than I was intending).

    The THANG: UNO!!!  Traditional uno rules (ish.  There was some discussion over some of the finer points, but eventually we got into the rhythm of it.). Each card played represents some amount of some exercise as determined by the color and number on the card.  Red = burpees, Yellow = big boy situps, Green = merkins, Blue = squats.  The entire group of PAX performed all exercises together.  If a player had to draw a card, the entire group had to run to the draw pile and back (approximately 40 yards).  Triple Option pulled out a win, conveniently leaving YHC with the perfect amount of time for some Mary.

    MARY: 15x crunchy frogs, 20x box cutters (10x each direction), not so lazy boys (10 count in the middle, 10 count each to right and left, and a final 10 count in the middle)

    COT: As we approach Christmas it is evident that we each have 3000 demands on our time and more commitments than we know what to do with, but we should all remember that there is no contest for what our one highest priority should be, and that is living our lives for Jesus Christ.  He is the one thing that matters most, and it is easy to forget that in the secular hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

    NMM:  Next Wednesday December 27th a reporter from the Suffolk paper will be at #BearCountry at 0515 to write an article for the paper.  Please make every effort to attend.  Maximum participation is essential.

    Merry Christmas!