Archives: Updated Leadership Lineup, 1st Half 2018 Goals, and Jan. QuadP

  • When:¬†20180104
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • PAX,

    Welcome to 2018. With a new year, we welcome a few new additions to the leadership board. Deflator takes on the role of Weasel Shaker (aka Assistant Manager). McGruff comes on as the ComzQ. He will be managing the Facebook group ( and Twitter handle @f3hamptonroads (

    Current Leadership Board:
    Nan’tan: Dreamliner
    Weasel Shaker: Deflator
    1stF Q: Dreamliner
    2ndF Q: SubMac
    3rdF Q: SpaceMonkey
    ITQ: Screen Door
    ComzQ: McGruff
    AOQ (DuckDuckGoose): SubMac
    AOQ (StankHill): Scully
    AOQ (BearCountry): SpaceMonkey
    AOQ (EarlyBird): Open
    AOQ (QuackQuackHonk): SubMac
    AOQ (StinkHill): Dreamliner
    AOQ (SlothHill): Scully
    Want to lead? We have a place for you. Let us know.

    1st Half 2018 Goals:
    At this link, you will find our 2018 goals. Please read them and determine how you can help us accomplish these. Our AOQs will begin sharing one goal during the announcements section of the COT. This will reinforce these goals and make sure we do not simply set goals, but that we will follow through on them.

    January’s QuadP (Monthly Challenge) is Curls: Number of Curls recorded must be the number of repetitions performed by each arm with a minimum of 25lb dumbbells. All official workout coupons count, regardless of weight. February will be stair steps.

    Winter Weather Policy:
    In light of today’s weather, it is good time to cover F3 Hampton Road’s Winter Weather Policy. We do NOT cancel workouts. That said, use your best judgement on whether you can safely make it to the AO and make your OWN decision. We have a significant number of PAX who can walk to workouts and we will not rob them of the opportunity to get together. Check out the photos from this morning (

    See You In The Gloom (SYITG),