Archives: UpTheCreek Scavenger Hunt

  • When:¬†20201207
  • QIC:¬†Priorities
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Funny Car, Lawnboy, Catapult, Yoast, Priorities
  • Conditions: Priorities in long sleeves? no

    Pax: 6

    FNGs: none

    DR Pax: none

    Festivities in the gloom featured an F3 scavenger hunt. 2 teams, 4 clues in 4 locations. Teams could split up but must assemble together after each clue was found. Essentially a race between Dreamliner and Yoast as their teams moseyed behind. Ultimately Dreamliner’s knowledge of the neighborhood and YHC’s inability to describe where or even find the location of the clue I had hidden a mere 30 minutes earlier, won the day for team yellow and green. Also, the blue cones were extremely hard to see in the gloom but I digress…

    Priorities out

    F3 Hampton Roads