Archives: VQ Bachelor Pad Style

  • When: 20170902
  • QIC: Bachelor Pad
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, SpaceMonkey, Funny Car, Tow Rope, Scully, Cowboy, Sunshine, Deflator
  • 9 PAX for my first Q in the gloom at Stink Hill

    Weather – Cloudy, 70 degrees (aka Sunny and 75)

    The Thang:
    After a quick introduction and welcome we jumped right into….

    The Warm Up:

    Windmill (4 count – 20)
    Nancy Kerrigans (4 count – 20)  A new one for this crew – fun time practicing balancing skills
    Finkle Swings (4 count – 20)
    Annies (4 count – 10 each side, forward & reverse)  Another new one!
    Hillbillies (4 count – 20)

    The Main Event:

    • Mosey to Stairs
    • Lunge Stairs
    • Rock Olympics (pre-empted by the Few, the Proud, the Marines) (#firstVG, #firstaudible)
    • Indian Run to 2nd Pipe
    • Leg Raises/Throw Down (20) Partnered
    • Mosey to 2nd Stairs & Descend
    • Inerkin/Step-Ups (alternating 5 sets of 20 = 100 total) Partnered
    • Derkin/Air Squats (alternating 5 sets of 20 =100 total) Partnered Mumble chatter was silenced at this point
    • Lunge Stairs
    • Mosey to 2nd Pipe
    • Starfish Crunch (4 count – 20)
    • Descend hill to shelter
    • Aiken Legs
      • Squats (4-count – 20)
      • Box Jumps (20 – on your own) Made sure Dreamliner had dry feet for this one 🙂
      • Reverse Lunges (4-count – 20)
      • Split Jacks (4-count – 20)
    • Mosey to the Bath House
    • Frerkins (Frog squat/merkin – 10)/Wall Sit (2 rounds) Partnered
    • Pull Ups (10)/Plank (2 rounds) Partnered
    • Mosey back to the flags


    Circle of Trust (COT):

    Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

    This verse appears to be cliché for a F3 workout – God help me squeeze out 10 more sit ups, 5 more merkins, 1 more burpee, make it up this hill etc.  A different take on this verse could be moving beyond Conqueror into Contentment.  Yes, God has the power to help conquer any physical obstacle we face, but sometimes He chooses to take us through something to challenge and grow our spirit.  Although we might not be physically victorious we can always count of Christ to strengthen us in all areas: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Look for His strength in being content in ALL situations
    Prayer requests
    Count-o-rama and namerama
    Ball of Man (BOM)

    Naked Man Moleskin (NMM) and Announcements:
    Dogpile/Reesestrong 5K the Hard Way/Crab Picking/Picnic is on Sep. 16. Contact SubMac.

    GoRuck Light same day (Sep. 16) 1400-1900. Contact Mentos.

    September Challenge (Quad P) is #Growth. 1 pt. FNG, 1 pt. FNG’s 2nd post, 1 pt. “Kotter” (has not posted in at least 1 month).

    F3 Hampton Roads