Archives: VQ (Running)

  • When: 20200831
  • QIC: Moneyball
  • The PAX: Screendoor, Seadaddy, Cash Flow, Yoast, Funnycar, Planer, Dirtbike, Dreamliner
    • AOC: UpTheCreek

    Hard to count the PAX as some joined mid-run and left mid-run, but think we had 9 total.

    Warmarama – N/A

    Thang – At your own pace, pick up the 6 at the end of pre-established waypoints.

    AMRAP big bois for 2 minutes.

    Finished up with COT. Proverbs 15:4. Its not always what you say, but how you say it. Match your tone with your words. Be deliberate on working on this.

    Moleskin- Cash Flow’s first day of school for his 2 year old daughter; guaranteeing a phone call from the school to take her back. A sniper got funnycar, but shook it off and kept going strong.

    VQ- forgot announcements; I think inronpax is Wed. at Bear Country. No workout next Monday due to convergence at Bear Country.

    F3 Hampton Roads