Archives: Warning Signs for Hypothermia?

  • When: 20210128
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Wicked, Huggies, Billboard, Bing, Moneyball, Cash Flow, Double Fault, Marvel
  • Conditions: Snowed, snowing, snowy + slush

    PAX: 8

    FNGs: None, unsurprisingly.


    • SSH – 30
    • Helicopters – 10
    • Finkle Swings – 10
    • Michael Phelps – 10
    • TTT – 10

    Mosey to the Food Lion back lot via the long way.

    The Thang

    Burpee Bingo: At any point between here and Mary, someone can call BINGO, and the whole group must drop for 1 burpee. Rules:

    1. The BINGO must be enthusiastic
    2. The same person cannot say BINGO twice in a row.
    3. The whole group must be within earshot when you say it.

    IDITEROD – All PAX stop at every speed bump for 5 HR Merkins, 5 WWIIs and 5 Squats. Then mosey to the next speed bump. Continue around the building. At each corner, circle back to the six and continue from there, unless you are the six. Second round: 5 CDDs, 5 Lunges (single count), 5 Jump Squats at each speed bump.

    One lap mosey around the building. 

    Mosey back to flags.


    Chillcut plank (40 sec) + 20 LBCs (IC) + Chillcut plank (50 sec)


    Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the LORD is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.

    Isaiah 30:18
    • God is merciful and just. He has expectations for us, but he gives grace.
    • To wait does not mean we do nothing, it means we don’t move on to what we think is best when things aren’t going our way.


    • Title comes from a genuine inquiry YHC had to the pax via text post-workout: “What are the warning signs for hypothermia? Because everything from my knees to my nipples was red when I got undressed…”
    • While there was not much snow on the surfaces where exercises were performed, there had been snow that turned to slush. That was genuinely worse.
    • Many curses (under and over breath) at each instance of HR Merkins and WWIIs
    • Some mumble chatter about the wisdom of buying into AMC or Gamestop stock at the moment.
    • A reasonable number of BINGOs were called. YHC would put it at a rough estimate of 15-20.
    • COT comes from YHC’s youngest 2.0’s name, Milo (=merciful) Justice.


    • Two New AOs starting up soon:
      • Boardwalk – Fridays, 6pm @ Hillier Ignite Park in VB; run/ruck focused. Begins January 29.
      • Blackwater – Fridays, 5:30am @ Western Branch HIGH School; reruns of old Iron Pax Challenge workouts. Begins February 5.
    • Patriot Challenge is coming up in February. Register here and see the FB group for more details.
    • February Quad P is open, see link below. Keep track of your miles in February in conjunction with Patriot Challenge. Activities include running, walking, biking, etc.

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