Archives: We have more time?

  • When: 20180729
  • QIC: Average Joe
  • The PAX: Scully, Cowboy, Dreamliner, Catapult, Screen Door, McGruff
  • 7 PAX posted for my first Q.

    Not your typical Warmarama 10 each, polka reach, arm circles (forward & reverse), quad stretch, Abe Vigoda, through the tunnel, and side straddle hops.

    Mosey to front of Stinkhill with some coupons.  The Thang – team up time.  Tire flips with jump through – a team will flip tire and jump though alternating each person from starting point to sidewalk.  Change out team to return back to starting point.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. While one team is performing tire flips & jump through remaining teams perform one of the following and swapping out exercises once a team reaches sidewalk or start point  – Team burpee with right & left hand clap between merkins, locked legs big boy sit ups (clapping and/or weight exchange), step ups, slow and low squats, and over the shoulder slam ball.  Each team flipped 4ish times while performing 3ish of each exercise.

    First Q mistakes by not having a watch and time management had all returning to flag with extra time.  Tried to eat up the time with 3 rounds of 20 each Carolina dry docks & big boy sit ups.  With time still remaining PAX helped out with 20 each box cutters, WWI sit ups, and American hammers.

    F3 Hampton Roads