Archives: Welcome Back Kettle Bells

  • When: 20180602
  • QIC: Sunshine
  • The PAX: Skully, Mentos, McGruff, Average Joe, Sunshine (QIC), Cowboy
  • Warm-a-rama

    15 Side Straddle Hops (4 Count, In Cadence)

    15 Arm Circles (Forward, 4-Count, IC)

    2 Burpees

    15 Imperial Walkers (4-Count, IC)

    15 Arm Circles (Backward, 4-Count, IC)

    10 A bagoda(4-Count, IC)

    10 Air Squats (4-Count, IC)

    20 Merkins (IC)

    20 flutter kicks (4-Count, IC)

    20 Big Boy Sit-ups


    Workout #1

    Mosey with Kettle Bells to the park.  Stop at each set of stairs and complete 5 burpees each before proceeding.

    Workout #2

    Working with a partner, each partner doing each movement working through 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of KBS & Sit-ups After each round do 1 lap around the play ground.

    Workout #3

    Elevens – SDHP & KB Snatches

    Mosey Back to the Flags