Archives: Wet Fruit Salad

  • When: 20180320
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Buoy, Scout, Space Monkey
  • It is YHC’s humble opinion that, when faced with an outdoor activity under rainy conditions, there are two options: put forth a futile effort to stay as dry as possible or embrace the torrential rain.  The PAX were informed that we would be pursuing the latter of the two.  With that, warmarama out in the pre-Nor’Easter.

    Side straddle hops (compliments of Dreamliner as YHC was on time for a workout that started 2 minutes later than this particular workout)

    Good mornings and Through the Tunnel, Cobra-style, in-cadence (IC): 10.  Football drill-run in place and do a merkin on my call

    The Thang

    Everyone warmed up … and soaked already … we moseyed to the nearer pier.  There, the PAX were informed that they were standing in a fruit basket, an empty one.  The only way to fill the basket was with exercises.  Here were the definitions:

    Apple-burpees; banana-Rosalitas; orange-Carolina dry docks; strawberry-squats; grapes-Freddy Mercury’s.  All were 2-count except the Freddy Mercury’s which were 4 count meaning we did a “bunch” of them <- see that, clever Space Monkey.

    Anyway, once the fruit basket was full, the PAX would run a mile (2 laps).  For the first round, 10 reps of each exercise and, upon return, we found the basket empty.  Well that wouldn’t do, so the next round was 15 reps of each exercise.  Completing the second lap resulted in a very cold Space Monkey.

    Mosey to the covered picnic tables  for some dryer torture.  11’s of dips and big boy sit-ups modified such that upon crossing over from 6 dips and 5 BBSU, we did the next set with 6 dips and 6 BBSU, followed by 7 dips and 7 BBSU.  You get the idea.

    1 minute plank hold accompanied with a terrible joke by Dreamliner

    American Hammers ascending number up to 4 BBSU

    1 minute plank hold, threat but no delivery of a Dreamliner joke

    Crunchy Frogs, IC, 15

    2 minute plank hold and another terrible Dreamliner joke

    Circle of Trust-

    Galatians 5:19-22

    These verses talk about the different outcomes to be expected when following a sinful nature vs the Holy Spirit.  YHC related that, although the outcomes arising from a sinful nature may be a blockbuster movie, they were not desirable descriptions of our biographies.  The results of following promptings from the Holy Spirit though describe an outcome that would be incomprehensibly blessed.  These were called the “fruits” of the spirit, finally a connection to the fruit basket right?!  YHC relayed that he struggles to listen for these promptings and more often obeys the Sirens’ call of his innate sinful nature.  F3 provides examples, relationships, and accountability to help silence those callings.  YHC is certainly better as a result of the PAX he is a part of.


    Space Monkey