Archives: When You Are Downrange You Q

  • When: 20180923
  • QIC: Spit
  • The PAX: Catapult, Snowman, Submac, Scully, Sunshine, Free Fall, Spit
  • 6 Hampton Roads Warrior and 1 RVAer came out to enjoy a Sunday Funday beatdown. Since we had a mixed PAX today, The F3 VA app says it was sunny and 72. The SF’s were planted and the PAX got to work.

    Here how it went down:

    COP (ALL IC)

    SSH, 5 HRM’s, DQ, 6 HRM’s, Hillbillies, 7 HRM’s, LBC’s, 8 HRM’s, Crab Cakes, 9 HRM’s (or 10 since YHC last count), Arm Circles

    Mosey to the field next to the pond


    Whatchamacallits Ladder – Mosey across the field and complete 1:4 whatchamacallits then mosey back and complete 2:8. Rinse and repeat till 10:40

    Mosey down the path to the third shelter

    Triple Check – Abyss Merkins, Dips, Run to pull up bar x5 Pull up and run back

    Indian Run around Mt Trashmore to the option side to another shelter

    Picnic Fun – x10 Dip IC and x10 Derkins IC

    Indian Run/AYG/Mosey back to the SF’s

    Thunderstuck – While listening to Thunderstuck by A/C complete one Merkins everything time the word “Thunder” is said. LBC’s during the long bridge.


    With YHC’s M needing to work one weekend a month in VA Beach while our youngest it still breastfeeding, this give YHC the opportunity to post with the Hampton Road PAX. This was YHC’s first trip to a Mt Trashmore and it definitely lives up to its name. We did not really use the hill today so maybe next time.

    It was great to catch with Free Fall since the Colonial and to see SubMac again. Also great to finally meet Scully and the rest of the PAX I had heard about in the Facebook page.