Archives: Whose Workout Was Harder?

  • When: 20200329
  • QIC: Dreamliner, Cowboy
  • The PAX: Group 1: Scully, Catapult, Smiley, Armstrong, Dreamliner, Group 2: Gandalf, Hot Corner, Sunshine, Cookie Monster, Free Fall, Cowboy (Q)
  • 11 PAX (2 groups) made for a strong showing on a gorgeous day #SlothHill. As PAX continued to roll into the parking lot, YHC said to Cowboy to be ready to take a second group. With 10 PAX at the start of Side Straddle Hops and 11 by the end, two groups were required. Here is what happened to group #1.


    • Side Straddle Hops – x35 In Cadence (IC)
    • Through the Tunnel – x15 IC
    • Imperial Walkers – x15 IC
    • Squats – x15 IC

    Mosey to paved area just past third shelter.

    The Thang

    200 LBCs for QuadP Daily Quarantine Challenge.

    4 Rounds: Run up and over the hill followed by a right turn to return to the shelter via the pathway. 50 squats, 20 lunges (10 each leg), 50 leg lifts. Counter was assigned each round. PAX who were not counting performed exercises and made sure the mumblechatter was strong. Whenever the counter moved to the next exercise, the PAX did as well.

    This workout format has become a staple of YHC’s Qs recently because of the increased ability for mumblechatter without sacrificing the workout.

    Mosey to up and over the hill, make a left turn at the pathway, and return to the shovel flags.

    Circle of Trust (COT)

    Deuteronomy 1:17-17 CSB

    15 “So I took the leaders of your tribes, wise and respected men, and set them over you as leaders: commanders for thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens, and officers for your tribes. 16 I commanded your judges at that time: Hear the cases between your brothers, and judge rightly between a man and his brother or his resident alien. 17 Do not show partiality when deciding a case; listen to small and great alike. Do not be intimidated by anyone, for judgment belongs to God. Bring me any case too difficult for you, and I will hear it. 18 At that time I commanded you about all the things you were to do.

    F3 does an amazing job of pushing leadership down to the lowest possible level. It is leaders leading leaders with each person given the authority to make decisions. We are a starfish, not a spider.

    Ball of Man (#BOM)


    • It seemed like PAX were reluctant to leave the original group to join YHC. I do not know why … Scully, always a glutten for punishment, evened out the numbers.
    • It is better to have 11 and split into two groups, than 10 and only have one group. Thank you to everyone for showing up. Let’s start making two groups the norm at #SlothHill.
    • With church services moved online, PAX had time for a coffeeteria at Bruegger’s afterwards, an uncommon occurrence after Sunday’s #SlothHill.


    • F3 Hampton Roads continues to meet with group size and social distancing measures in place.
    • New Running AO #UpTheCreek continues to meet every Monday morning at Creekside Elementary School (1000 Bennetts Creek Park Rd., Suffolk, VA 23435)

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