Archives: Wimbledon and Windmills…

  • When: 20170713
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Beaker (GrandStrand), Viagra (GrandStrand), Cubby (GrandStrand), Crayola (GrandStrand), Nailz (NE Wake), Pat Down (NE Wake), Plan B (Lake Murray), Slim Jim (Raleigh), Screen Door
  • Four locals graciously allowed YHC and four others to join them at #Timeshare for some early morning sweat in the humid gloom of North Myrtle Beach. The theme – Wimbledon. Here’s how it went.

    – This year is the 131st Wimbledon, and as such our warm up was designed to reflect. 30x Side Straddle Hops, 30x Don Quixote (Windmills with the cadence and repetitions being counted in Spanish. YHC had to take over counting the reps in addition to the cadence after finding the extent of the PAX’s knowledge of Spanish somewhere around Ocho.), 30x Imperial Walkers, 30x Hillbilly Walkers (The same as Imperial Walkers except that left elbow meets left knee rather than crossing the body), and finally 11x Merkins in cadence. From there it was time to grab the shovel flags and go for a little mosey.

    THE THANG – Out mosey took us to the local park and around the pond (the long way) to the tennis courts to continue the Wimbledon theme.  This began with paint the lines on both sides of both courts and planking on the six.  Once everyone was complete, the PAX lined up along the near sideline of one court.  The goal, sprint to far side of near court and back, perform 15 Merkins.  Sprint to the near side of the far court and back, perform 30 squats. Sprint to the far side of the far court and back, perform 40 LBCs.  Rinse and repeat with a goal of six rounds to win the set.  YHC called it on time once a majority of the PAX had completed the set, and we moseyed back to the shovel flags (again, the long way around the pond) to make our meeting with Mary on time.

    MARY – 15x Crunchy Frogs, Captain Thor (laddered up to three, maintaining the 1:4 ratio between big boy situps and 4-count American Hammers), 10x Box Cutters (5 each direction), 10x Hello Dollies.

    COT – Counterama and Namerama.  YHC then discussed how F3Nation really is one nation.  YHC has been on travel for the last week and has posted to several different AOs in several regions, including an unscheduled #DRW at Ocean Isle Beach earlier this week that had 8 PAX post.  No matter what the AO or who the PAX, they all welcome a brother to get better in the gloom.  I then encouraged each of the PAX present to hold true to this, and to get out there and explore F3Nation and share the unique aspects of your region with the rest of the nation.

    This concluded the regularly scheduled programming by YHC, but the locals had some more in store.  YHC was given the opportunity to honor the local brother Dipstick by performing 34 burpees while answering questions about the nation.  This started off well with a recitation of the F3 Mission while performing the burpees. (This actually gave YHC some flashbacks to his Navy indoctrination.)  This was followed by an attempt to recite the 5 core principles of F3.  Four were managed right off hand, but a lack of oxygen prevailed, and the fifth escaped me.  The burpees continued while all present racked their brains, but after some amount of burpees that was at least 34 (though I suspect a few more), a cellular weinke was used to make up for my shortcoming.  At this point Beaker, called it, and presented YHC with the F3GrandStrand patch for guest Q-ing.  This is an awesome tradition, and YHC greatly appreciates all of the brothers of F3GrandStrand for hosting me all week while down range, and allowing me to lead the charge this morning.  Any and all are welcome in Hampton Roads at any time.


    Screen Door out.

    F3 Hampton Roads