Archives: Win Some Lose Some

  • When: 20180710
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Scout, Deflator, Dreamliner, Buoy, Space Monkey
  • Those that have participated in YHC’s beatdowns know that if there is a competition, whether with oneself or another PAX, winning may not be winning and losing can be completely arbitrary.  Besides, what is the point of a beatdown anyway?  Is it to win or simply expend some sweat equity.  This beatdown was no exception.

    The Thang-

    Warmarama: Side straddle hops (in cadence, IC, 15); Don Quixotes (IC, 15); Sumo squats (IC, 10); Helicopters (IC, 10).  Next, an Indian run around the lake left the PAX ready for more.

    Not one to want to underperform on my Q duties, YHC consolidated the PAX onto the closest dock and initiated a 7 minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible) starting with a sprint to the next dock (1/4 mile).  Once at the dock, each PAX performed 1 rep each of Carolina dry docks and Big boy situps.  Next, 2 reps of each, continuing to increase in reps until the 7 minutes were completed.  After far too fast of a 10 count by Dreamliner (too much coffee that morning), we were off on our second 7 minute AMRAP with the PAX being told to remember the number of reps in the last complete set they performed.  Sprint to the dock on the other side of the lake (1/4 mile) and start rep rotation back at 1 each exercise.  Once 7 minutes was completed the PAX were led to the tennis courts.

    YHC polled the PAX to see who had achieved more complete sets the second time.  These were the “losers,” as YHC indicated they clearly didn’t push themselves enough.  The PAX that completed the same sets or less on the second AMRAP were considered the “winners.”  For all PAX, they had to “paint the tennis court” 10 times.  The losers had to do 2 burpees at the end of each cycle.  The winners, well they got to do 2 burpees as the beginning of each cycle.  They savored their victory … not really

    As exhaustion started to set in, the PAX gathered for some Mary … 2 minutes to be precise.  YHC led them in drawing the alphabet leg-lift style, all capitals, Times New Roman font of course.  This was followed by crunchy frogs (IC, 15).

    With time expired, the PAX gathered around the flags for countarama, namarama, and a few words by YHC about remembering to praise God for what he provides us in his hands as often as we work to place our burdens at his feet.  A tall order, but certainly worthy of a paramount effort.

    Ball of man, prayer, out.