Archives: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • When: 
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Deflator, Spygate, Dreamliner, Priorities
  • Warmarama – Happy Jacks x 20, Imperial Squat Walkers x 20, Hillbillies x 20

    The Thang – 1 Burp Lap around lake.  5 burpees at 4 spots around lake.

    YHC had so much fun last week at Bearcountry with Priority’s first annual F3 Hampton Roads Workout Lottery (since the draft was the night before) that he decided to bring it back.  YHC completely missed the whole “first annual” part, probably because he was busy trying to catch his breath after the Bleachers and Paint the Lines, but this exercise is too good to only be used once annually.  So YHC brought it back as Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Set 5 cones out about 10 yards apart.  Each PAX draws an exercise out of the bag.  Run to first cone, 5 reps or perform exercise back to start line depending on what exercise you draw, run to second cone, repeato through last cone.  Then you pick up the six and do whatever exercise the last PAX is doing until complete.  The winner gets first pick out of bag and gets a chance to draw again if they wish.  We were able to get through the entire bag of exercises with an estimated 6 rounds.

    COT – YHC tweaked his back (old herniated disc injury) at Bearcountry Wed. morning which got him thinking about the need to ask God for specific healing such as his plantar fasciatis and his back.  YHC confessed that for an unknown reason he hasn’t been doing this during his daily prayers.  Later that morning at work YHC looked at his daily devotional which read the following:

    Remember the power of prayer.  David did not pray in generalities.  He asked God for four specific things in His time of trouble.  He asked for God’s presence, God’s mercy, God’s strength, and God’s deliverance.  Who could ever need more than that?  No matter what kind of trouble you may be going through, God is always sufficient to meet your need.  Prayer is not simply polite conversation with God.  Real prayer is calling on God to be all that He is in every situation in your life.  Never be afraid to ask!

    As you can imagine this hit home for YHC pretty hard.  YHC challenges the PAX to remember to pray for your specific needs, which change over time, instead of getting in the habit of praying the same general prayers everyday.

    Moleskin –

    After the burp lap and drawing burpees twice during winner winner chicken dinner (70 burpees total), Spygate threatened YHC with physical harm if he drew another burpee out of the bag.  So the PAX waited in anticipation (well maybe just YHC) as Spygate drew an exercise.  Andddddd it was burpees!  To avoid injury, YHC quickly called an audible to allow Spygate to pick again which he respectfully declined and finished out with the burpees. #Tclaps to Spygate.

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