Archives: Winner Winner Returns

  • When: 20181106
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Musket, MOAB, Screen Door, Marvel, SubMac
  • 5 PAX posted for a beatdown in beautiful weather.  Where was everyone?  We were averaging 10-12 last week!

    Warmarama:  SSH, Don Quixotes, Arm Circles, 1 lap around pond.

    The Thang:  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner made a reappearance after several months (Priorities original).  6 cones set out starting 10 yds from starting line and every 5 yds after.  Each PAX draws exercise from bag and performs it either at each cone or to/from each cone depending on exercise.  This is done suicide style going back to starting line after each cone.  When you finish pick up the six with their exercise.  3 separate rounds were completed.

    COT:  YHC shared the 2nd mission of F3 is to grow. Reminded everyone to look for opportunities throughout the week to tell someone about F3.

    Moleskin:  Although YHC and MOAB both pulled Burpees x 10 out of bag twice, MOAB pulled it twice in a row.  TClaps to him for finishing them out.

    F3 Hampton Roads