Archives: Yardwork

  • When: 20190312
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Submac, Dreamliner, Marvel, Musket, 2 Wheel, Double Fault
  • Warmarama
    30 SSHs IC
    20 Michael Phelps IC
    20 Finkle Swings IC (10ea Leg)
    20 Arm Circles IC

    The Thang
    YHC took PAX on a quick mosey around the the DDG pond. Now that we were warmed up PAX partnered up for some exhausting yardwork. Pax completed Wheelbarrow 11s (Squats/Mt. Climbers); Pax Wheelbarrow to known distance, complete a set of 10 Squats/1 Mt. Climbers IC, swap wheelbarrows, rinse and repeat till 11s were complete. While taking the wheelbarrow through the yard a PAX tried to challenge your YHC but lost, it was close. Following the yardwork, PAX once again partnered up to complete a lap of Catch Me If You Can. Workout is executed by PAX (A) completing an exercise of 10 reps while PAX (B) runs backwards until PAX (A) completes exercise and sprints to PAX (B). Exercise completed during this workout was Big Boy Situps. YHC didn’t realize Dreamliner could run just as fast backwards as I could forward. Wrapped things up with Abs; Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Sweat Angels, Reverse Crunch, Freddy Mercury’s, Rosalitas, Xs/Os, and American Hammers.

    F3 Hampton Roads