Archives: You Should See the Size of My Weinke

  • When: 20171012
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Dreamliner, Submac, Screendoor, Spacemonkey, Scout, Dr. Beeps, Cheeks, Bulldog
  • 9 PAX fought back the FartSackMonster and converged in the gloom of an imminent rain to participate in Deflator Q15.0.

    Rapid Delivery of the DISCLAIMER – This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I also have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. We all do it, most important thing is that you don’t get hurt.

    WARM-O-RAMA – 15 Burpees, 33 SSHops in varying cadence; 10 Mini Peking Operas (new exercise YHC’s kids do in Tang Soo Do – basically hopping to and fro in the Merkin position); 15 Windmills or Don Quixotes or Abe Vigodas or whatever the heck they are called.


    Mosey with Style around the Mighty Eagle Harbor Lake.  Split up into two groups – the Relatively Fast Guys and the Relatively Less Fast Guys, who run in groups in opposite directions.  When they meet, stop and do 12 handclap merkins reciting each and the other’s information.  This will be needed later.  Depart for another meeting, pick the same partner, and repeat-o.  And repeato-o a third time.  Bear Crawl Bridge is a must.

    Mosey back to the Flags.  Perform “Top Twenty Countdown”: Alternate between two cones, performing exercises at the cones with transits as follows:

    (Cone 1 – Transit to – Cone 2 – Transit back)

    20 Merkins –  Forward SSHops – 5 Burpees – Forward SSHops

    19 Merkins – Left Side Lunges 5 Burpees – Left Side Lunges

    18 Merkins – Right Side Lunges – 5 Burpees – Right Side Lunges

    17 Merkins – Walking Overhead Claps – 5 Burpees – Walking Overhead Claps

    16 Merkins – Sprint – 5 Burpees – Sprint

    15 Merkins – Long Jump – 20 LBCs – Long Jump

    14 Merkins – Crab Walk – 20 LBCs – Crab Walk

    13 Merkins – Walking Arm Presses – 20 LBCs – Walking Arm Presses

    12 Merkins – Backwards Sprint – 20 LBCs – Backwards Sprint

    11 Merkins – Walking Arm Circles – 20 LBCs – Walking Arm Circles

    10 Merkins – Bear Crawl Inch Worm – 20 Squats – Bear Crawl Inch Worm

    9 Merkins – Forward Lunge – 20 Squats – Forward Lunge

    8 Merkins – Left Side Skip – 20 Squats – Left Side Skip

    We ran out of time to complete the rest of the Top Twenty Countdown BUT, had we continued, we would have done the following:

    7 Merkins – Backwards Lunge – 20 Squats – Backwards Lunge

    6 Merkins – Right Side Skip – 20 Squats – Right Side Skip

    5 Merkins – Bearpees – 10 American Hammers – Bearpees

    4 Merkins – Alternating Side Lunges – 10 American Hammers – Alternating Side Lunges

    3 Merkins – Bear Crawl – 10 American Hammers – Crawl Bear

    2 Merkins – Partner Carry – 10 American Hammers – Other Partner Carry

    1 Merkin – Walking Leg Lifts – 10 American Hammers – Walking Leg Lifts

    Maybe next time, brothers.


    NAME-O-RAMA conducted by reciting your partner’s info from the handclap exchange.  1 burpee for each missed datapoint (HOSPITAL NAME, F3 NAME, AGE).  We only had to do 3 Burpees, indicating learning had occurred.  This will be a new addition to Deflator Qs since YHC needs help with names.

    COT – Familiar structure is a great equalizer.  YHC relayed a story about attending church service in polish.  I knew the struture of the Mass and when to chime in with a “thanks be to god” or similar but didnt understand a word otherwise besides “amen”.  Even so, I got alot out of the Mass because it made me listen to my own words even more than normal.  This makes the F3 Lexicon and the structure of a F3 workout make sense, as it provides an equalizing lingo and structure no matter where you go.

    NMM – We continued our trend of not being able to count.  Who knew that 15-9=11?  Also, YHC’s Weinke was large because I printed it out on a 8×11 in bold type so I could see it under the light of a glowstick.


    F3 Hampton Roads