Archives: Your Spirit Animal better be a Bear

  • When: 20171004
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Cheeks, Deflator, Space Monkey, Dreamliner
  • 5 PAX “declined” the fartsack this morning to post at Bearcountry.  4 of them were hoping YHC was burped out from Duckduckgoose the day before.  YHC kept them in suspense until the workout began.

    Warmarama:  Slaughter Starter x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Hillbillies x 20, Don Quixotes x 20

    The Thang:

    Mosey to track for Reverse Batan Death March – backwards Indian run with last PAX performing 5 Burpees before running confront of line.  All 5 PAX completed Burpees in 1 lap.

    PAX moseyed to pull up bars for 4×4 Burpups – Drop to perform Burpee with 4 Merkins and 4 four count Mountain Climbers at bottom then jump up to 1 pullup.  Repeato x 10.

    Mosey to grab Success Donut (tire) for Success Donut Tug of War – partner up.  1st group flips tire as far as they can in 1 minute.  2nd group flips tire as far as they can back towards starting line.  Whoever flips further wins.  Repeato x 2

    Mosey to football field for Bearmuda Triangle – bear crawl between 3 points.  At each point perform increasing number of burpees.  PAX got up to 6.

    Next was Bear Crawl Burpees – YHC messed this up trying to read his weinke in the gloom.  The rules are supposed to be to Bear Crawl and when Q says “Grizzly” PAX hops up to complete Burpee with arms held in grizzly attack position and while growling like a bear.  Back down to Merkin and at top of Merkin start bear crawling again.  What the PAX did was bear crawled for 4 steps then performed 1 Burpee.  Repeato all the way from 50 yard line to endzone.

    Next was Bearpees – perform 1 Burpee then bear crawl to next 5 yard line and perform 2 Burpees.  Repeato increasing reps.  Performed from 50 yard line to end zone.

    Moseyed back to flags and had time for Austin A$$ Kickers – plank position lift arm and opposite leg then switch.  X 15


    Friendship is about doing life together.

    Proverbs 12:26 –  “One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.”

    This tells us to choose our close friends carefully and to stay away from people that are bad influences in our life.  This is what F3 is all about.  Finding like-minded men who can build each other up, be positive influences for one another, be there for one another in time of need, and to do life together!