Archives: Zoology 101

  • When: 
  • QIC: Plus One
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities, Tweetsie, Landline, Hotty Toddy, Tiny, T-Sip, Hippie, Alright Alright, Isaiah, Aaaarrrggghhh, Dreamland & Plus One
  • 13 PAX showed up on a nice morning (approximately 70 degrees) for a little Zoology. Visitors came from far away just to get a glimpse of F3 Dallas and the faithful PAX.


    • SSH x 15 (because we the beatdown doesn’t officially start without these)
    • IST x 12 (an F3 warm-o-rama staple)
    • Monkey Humpers x 10 (because let’s face it, you cannot have zoology without Monkeys)

    The Thang

    • Black Snake for 3/4 a lap around the AO to the end zone of the football field (a line of 13 makes for some good bob and weave)
    • Partner Up for a Bear Hunt
      • Partner 1: 10 Burpees…Run and catch Partner 2
      • Partner 2: Bear Crawl the football field
      • Flapjack
      • Total of 10 burpees for each of the PAX and a total of 100 yds of bear crawling for each pairing
    • Caterpillar back across the football field
      • The PAX truly enjoyed the 100 yds while jumping over the other 12 men
    • Inch Worm for half the width of the football field
    • Mosey to the Tennis Courts
    • Paint the Lines
    • Gorilla Squats x 12
    • Copper Head Merkins x 12
    • LBC x 25
    • Scorpion Dry Docks x 10
    • Overhead Claps x 10
    • Mosey back to the football field end zone
    • Del Brown
      • Crabwalk 25 yards
      • Merkins x 10
      • Crabwalk the next 25 yds
      • Diamond Merkins x 10
      • Crabwalk yet another 25 yds
      • Wide Grip Merkins x 10
      • Crabwalk the home stretch 25 yds
      • Merkins x 10
    • Gorilla Squats x 12
    • LBC x 12
    • Duck Walk 50 yds
    • F3 style Duck-Duck Goose (shout out to #Bulldog in Statesboro, GA)
      • Circle of Pax complete Monkey Humpers
      • 1 PAX performs the duck-duck goose
      • 5 Burpees if caught while running in the circle
    • Mosey to start

    6 MOM

    • Rosalita x 15
    • Uptown Crunch x 10
    • Crunchy Frog (OYO) x 10
    • Freddie Mercury x 15

    Naked Man Moleskin

    It was great to have Hampton Roads (Priorities & Dreamliner) and Charlotte (Tweetsie & Landline) out amongst the PAX in Dallas. Great crowd this morning which always makes for more fun during the beatdown. Not much mumble chatter this morning. YHC can’t be certain if it was the Caterpillar or maybe the Del Browns that was the root cause.


    YHC took us out with a word of prayer thanking our heavenly father for discipline and asking for the strength to be better men and to love Him more deeply.